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Indigenous Bulbs and Rare Succulents

The name SADAWATARA is derived from a San term meaning “the Garden on the Hill.”

It was initially started in the Langkloof by Gavin Schafer and included the rental of cottages.

Gavin, a soil scientist, who has completed many soil mapping projects both nationally and internationally, concentrates mainly on indigenous bulbs, and supplies Hadeco and SA Bulbs, amongst others, with stock such as Watsonia, Drimia, Lachenalia, Scadoxus, Haemanthus and Boophone, to name a few.

It must have been 18 years ago that I bought my first Haworthia for R500.00, not quite enough to fill a beer carton.
Very soon I found myself totally absorbed in pollinating these plants and cultivating from seeds. Very quickly my interests were broadened to include a wide variety of Mesembs (Succulents). We spend many weekends doing field work in and around the Karoo, sometime traveling as far as Three Sisters for the weekend.

While on an outing in the Joubertina area I established the origin of Euphorbia Polygona “snowflake”, which had been elusive for many years.

We are currently assisting a farmer in the Klipplaat area in their bid to prevent gypsum mining from taking place on their farm. Several protected species have been found on their property.
In this past month I have sown more than 11 000 seeds of different varieties, that will be available for sale within three years.

The Milkwood Market gives me the opportunity to introduce and educate the public with regard to indigenous succulents.

Plants available at the Milkwood Market are:

Bulbs in season, haworthia, adeniums, lithops, aloinopsis, pleiospilos, to name but a few.




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