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Win a Milkwood Market hamper!

Complete the form below and stand a chance to win a SUPERB Milkwood Market hamper filled chock and block with all sorts of delectable goodies. (See prize details below the form.)

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What's in the hamper?

That’s a serious hamper!!! 

What's this about?

We’re closed for the next few weeks, thanks to a virus not related to any alcoholic beverage.

And since we have an opportunity to take a look at a few things we’d like to improve at our market, we thought we’d ask you, one of our lovely, loyal JBay locals whether you have any suggestions for us.

We thought we’d turn it into a little comp where we give away a corn dog and a deep fried Bar One to a name we draw from the list of people who share their opinion with us.

But once word got round about the mini competition, Milkwood Market stalletjie owners jumped in and started donating left, right and centre.

And so the little lucky draw turned into a proper (huge!) gift hamper.

So all you need to do is complete the form above. If your name is drawn you’ll get a fantastic Milkwood Market hamper.

If you’re the winner, we’ll inform you and have a grand prize giving once we reopen. Come with an empty vehicle because that’s one MASSIVE hamper!

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